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Emergency Advice

Out of hours emergency service is available to Dental Plan members only. Private patients currently under treatment can obtain advice on the Emergency number available on the practice answer phone. NHS orthodontic patients should ring NHS Direct.

What to do in case you have any one the following problems. This advice is not a substitute for consultation.

Knocked tooth out completely!

Do not panic. It will be distressing to see blood pouring out. Bite on a clean piece of cloth. Do not spit. Bleeding will ease off in five minutes. In the mean time retrieve the tooth. Do not clean or rinse it. Handle by crown only. Put it in glass of milk, otherwise in your mouth by the cheek( not recommended for children). Contact us or nearest casualty department. Teeth can usually be successfully re-implanted, if carried out within two hours.

Pain on hot drinks which lingers

You are likely to develop an abscess within 24 hours. Contact surgery NOW.

Brief pain on hot drinks

Will get worse. Make an appointment to have it checked as soon as possible.

Brief pain on having sweet or cold drinks

Non-urgent. Make an appointment to have it looked at if it persists. Usually due to leakage in fillings, decay.

Sharp pain in a tooth when biting

It is commonly due to a crack in the tooth. Contact us. It is difficult to detect and may take several visits before it is resolved.

Pain on biting or chewing

It is common between 16 to 25 years of age. Fold of gum covering the wisdom tooth gets inflamed or crushed. If you have deep gum-pockets, it is a first sign of trouble. Rinse with hot salt-water after each meal and Peroxyl mouth-wash twice a day. If no improvement after a day, contact us.

Crown come loose

If it is a crown on a back tooth and there is no pain, your reaction will be ‘ I will contact the dentist next week ‘. Do not do this to us ! The space will close and your crown will not fit. Get it seen to within a day or two.

The tooth you had treatment on feels high on biting

Contact us. Otherwise you will break the filling/crown or develop tooth-ache.


If you undergoing root-treatment and the tooth begins to ache. Contact us straight away. The pain will intensify if not attended to.

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