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I have extensive refresher training in oral surgery, root-treatment, gum treatment, Preventive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry

Preventive Dentistry appeals to me as I find that patients do not look forward to treatment however much I might be trained to deliver it. Patients need to feel they are healthier for having attended regularly and expect to need minimal treatment as a result.

Preventive dentistry is capable of stopping the endless cycle of fillings and complaints of tooth-ache and bleeding gums, finally leading to extractions and dentures. Early decay in milk-teeth can be cleaned out and maintained without painful fillings, on regular Fluoride application, hygiene and diet instructions to parents.

Everyone wants healthier children. They expect their children to require less treatment than what they themselves, received. If you prepared to spend hundreds of pounds providing them with electronic gadgets and lessons to improve their lifestyle, why not spend £4 a week providing them better health-care?

Having being trained to carry out technical procedures, most dentists find Preventive dentistry dull, non-glamorous or a non-marketable service. There is also the fear that helping the patient get better, might rob them of their livelihood, if there is less treatment to be carried out. I am not worried. I have been reading about the miracle vaccines and painless laser drills since the age of 24, when I graduated.

All new patients are treated at an introductory fee. Once you have completed a course of treatment, we expect you to join our Dental Plan. If you do not, any treatment in future will be provided at a higher hourly fee.

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