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Why Choose Us?

Having been in practice for 37 years, I have treated almost every type of occurrence. We have the experience to treat most emergencies effectively. So you can be back at work or home, without further discomfort. My practice was the first in Blackburn to introduce Private Preventive Plan in 1989.

With 24 years in delivering Preventive care, we work hard so that you will not have endless experience of fillings, broken teeth and bleeding gums.

“The concept of minimal intervention dentistry (MID) has been with us for some time now, but as with much that’s new in dentistry; its acceptance has been slow. Some patients may be happy to pay vast sums for their personal trainer, but not so happy for their oral health trainer!

The big challenge therefore is to educate patients to pay for no or less intervention and for preventive care. The public’s culture that payment should only be for drilling and filling may be difficult one to shake…….”

F J Trevor Burke, Professor of Dental Primary Care, Birmingham School of Dentistry. Dental Update November 2008.

Along with the experience, I have the humility to admit that another practitioner may be able to provide a better treatment in your case, when needed. Over the years I have developed close relationship with other Specialists. If I cannot provide quality treatment in a difficult case, I can direct you to a Specialist, without placing my interest before yours.

The staff is qualified nurses, trained to carry out reception duties on Rota. So you always have a receptionist who is confident enough to discuss any clinical enquires you may have.

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